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They’re Back! Lady Beetles on the Breaking Ground Green Roof

Today’s is just a short post to say how happy we are to see the lady bugs (lady beetles) return to the Breaking Ground green roof after the winter months. They were apparently drawn by dinner….aphids! Some of the remaining mustard green […]

Strawberry Plants on the Breaking Ground Green Roof

Strawberries on the roof??? Wow, that takes me back to when I was a child growing up in Tampa, FL, and my family used to pile in the station wagon for a short trip over to the fields of Plant […]

Video: Stonewall Jackson Elementary Students Plant for Winter on the Breaking Ground Green Roof

January proved to be a perfect month for harvesting and planting on the Breaking Ground green roof. Our temperatures have been mild and the weather has been gorgeous! We would certainly love a little more rain, but we’ve been happy […]

Stonewall Jackson Elementary Students Visit the Breaking Ground Green Roof

Planting broccoli, chard and lettuce on the Breaking Ground green roof Having students visit our roof here at Breaking Ground Contracting is one of the most exciting and rewarding experiences for us. Long before the roof was even designed, we […]

The Breaking Ground Green Roof and Urban Agriculture

Our roof looks so amazingly different than it did this summer. Gone are the vibrant colors of the native wildflowers and lush growth of the tomatoes and other vegetables. But, the transition gives way to a different kind of beauty, […]

Breaking Ground Composting Project

Did you know that COMPOSTINGcan divert as much as 30% of household waste from the landfill? My first recollection of composting was back in the 1970′s when my mother put a large bowl in our kitchen an explained to us […]

Carbon Sequestration and Green Roof Biomass Harvesting

Harvesting sequestered carbon in the form of green roof biomas creates a net negative carbon balance for the Breaking Ground Contracting Green Roof. Once the plant biomass is harvested it is composted into the ground level landscapes below. Having fun […]

Green Roof Flowering Beauty for an October Florida Morning

Red Cosmos, Pink Muhly & HVAC units on the roof Heavenly Blue & Cosmos on the roof Green Roof Heavenly Blue Morning Glory & Native Pink Muhly Grass Green Roof, Pink muhly, Red cosmos More Florida Green Roof Autumn Red […]

A New Season: Seeds of Change on the Breaking Ground Green Roof

Look at all of those seeds in the seed head of this Zinnia flower! See them? A season of change is taking place, from a hot, humid summer climate to cooler, drier fall fall temperatures, and the seeds from the […]

@BGGreenRoof’s Amazing Sequestration. A Net Negative Carbon Roof.

One of the causes of increased CO2 in the Urban Core is the lack of plants. Plants take in CO2 (carbon dioxide) during the photosynthesis process, combine the CO2 with H2O (water) and produce O2 (oxygen) and C6H12O6 (sugar). The […]