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Carbon Sequestration and Green Roof Biomass Harvesting

Harvesting sequestered carbon in the form of green roof biomas creates a net negative carbon balance for the Breaking Ground Contracting Green Roof. Once the plant biomass is harvested it is composted into the ground level landscapes below. Having fun […]

Green Roof Flowering Beauty for an October Florida Morning

Red Cosmos, Pink Muhly & HVAC units on the roof Heavenly Blue & Cosmos on the roof Green Roof Heavenly Blue Morning Glory & Native Pink Muhly Grass Green Roof, Pink muhly, Red cosmos More Florida Green Roof Autumn Red […]

@BGGreenRoof’s Amazing Sequestration. A Net Negative Carbon Roof.

One of the causes of increased CO2 in the Urban Core is the lack of plants. Plants take in CO2 (carbon dioxide) during the photosynthesis process, combine the CO2 with H2O (water) and produce O2 (oxygen) and C6H12O6 (sugar). The […]

Coneflower seeds starting to set on the Florida Green Roof

Long hot summers send signals to flowers to begin dropping their petals and start drying out, readying their seeds for dispersal. The plants have provided nectar to attract the pollinators, who have in turn completed their task of spreading the […]

BGC Green Roof is a Summertime Native Seed Supply Source!

Green Roof Seed Heads – Gaillardia spp. There are so many native wildflower, food and flower seeds on the Breaking Ground Green Roof right now.  The long, hot summer days send cues to the plant’s biological processes, telling them it […]

So Hot on the Roof Corn is Popping – Wildflowers & Food Crops Integrated

Temperatures may hit 110 F this weekend here in Jacksonville. They are always hotter on the roof and the plants show stress in the afternoon.  Catherine says ‘the roof is so alive in the morning’. Yet all in all the natives […]

Butternut Squash

GreenRoof Vegetables

Corn, peas, peppers, onions, cherry tomatoes and butternut squash are just a few of the edible plants found on the Breaking Ground Green Roof!  I believe roofs are the new frontier for agriculture in the State of Florida and in […]

Native Plants on the BGC Green Roof

We are in the process of installing some really great Florida native plants on the Breaking Ground Contracting Green Roof. A few of the species we’ve recently planted include; Bidens alba Yucca filamentosa Mimosa strigillosa Rudbeckia hirta Gaillardia puchella Chionanthus […]