A Special Green Roof

The green roof project documented through this blog is only part of the complete remodel project for Breaking Ground Contracting’s corporate headquarters in Jacksonville, FL. This extensive renovation project, due to be completed in April 2011,  is a LEED Registered project through Green Building Certification Institute and is currently on track for LEED Platinum certification. It is also the first green roof in Florida to incorporate native plants, rooftop permaculture and Florida-friendly landscaping, designed and installed by Kevin Songer of Metro Verde. In addition to the vegetated roof, and working with our partners at SunWorks Solar,  the green roof also incorporates a 10kW photovoltaic (electric) solar system and a solar thermal (hot water) system.

Outside of the roof, the project integrated other sustainable strategies such as living walls, a rain garden, low  and no VOC interior paints and finishes, extensive reuse of materials from the demolition of the original building, high efficiency HVAC system with individual occupant controls, outside views for all occupants, and much much more.

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