Video: Winter on the Breaking Ground Green Roof

Collard greens on the Breaking Ground green roof

During this transition from summer to winter, the Breaking Ground green roof has taken on a completely new and different look. Gone are the brilliant-colored Zinnias and Cosmos, only to be replaced by the lush, green look of low-growing vegetables such as collard and mustard greens. Natural grasses with their elegant lavender plumes have begun to go dormant for the winter. Also gone is the buzzing from different insects such as bees, dragonflies and butterflies that was a day to day occurrence (although I have seen many lady beetles over recent days!).

Rosemary still growing strong in winter on the Breaking Ground green roof!

Although we may miss the vibrant beauty of the summer roof, the winter roof has a classic beauty all its own. The dense look of the greens growing across the roof, peppered in-between with clover and winter rye grass, is quite elegant and requires a certain appreciation from those of us who have ever planted winter vegetables in hopes of growing healthy, edible fare.

The Breaking Ground green roof November video focuses on the difference in the look of the roof from the summer months, and we even talk a bit about our composting project, which you can track with us on the top right side of this blog.

Click on the video below to enjoy the beauty of the winter roof at Breaking Ground!

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