Beautiful, Agapostemon splendens, Green Metallic Bee (Sweet Bee) Visits BGC Green Roof

Jacksonville has seen torrid temperatures lately.  The hot dry and windy weather has allowed lightening strikes to turn into wildfires, covering much of the state in smoke and haze, driving many pollinators from the woods and away from their nests.

This morning as I checked on the Green Roof (the drought and heat don’t bother the native wildflowers but the cherry tomatoes don’t care for the extremes) a beautiful native Green Metallic honey bee (Sweet Bee), Agapostemon splendens, was feeding on the purple coneflower although the photos I caught were when he flew to the Black-eye Susan.

Native Bee, Agapostemon splendens, Green Metallic Bee on the BGC Green Roof

Agapostemon splendens feeding on the roof, Breaking Ground Contracting

I suspect the male bee (females are all green whereas the male’s head and thorax are green) was glad to find the refuge of wildflowers on a rooftop within the Urban Core.

Green roofs are amazing habitat providers.  Even more amazing is how the insects and wildlife find the oasis of nectar high above the Urban Core concrete and asphalt.

The Green Metallic Bee, Agapostemon splendens, is a good example of just how adaptable and resilient nature can be when accomodatng humans.  For more information on the Green Metallic Bee check out these great reference sites;

Discover Life

USGS Multimedia Library

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