A New Season: Seeds of Change on the Breaking Ground Green Roof

Look at all of those seeds in the seed head of this Zinnia flower! See them?

Kevin Songer shows seeds from a Zinnia: The next Generation of spring flowers on the BGGR

A season of change is taking place, from a hot, humid summer climate to cooler, drier fall fall temperatures, and the seeds from the flowers and vegetables on the Breaking Ground Contracting green roof will be the next generation of plants for spring and summer. In this month’s green roof video we focus on the “Seeds of Change” happening right now, and Kevin Songer of MetroVerde talks with us about the importance of seeds and how they create the cycle of seasons for growing our beautiful flowers, plants and delicious vegetables! Kevin mentions in the video that we have literally thousands of seed heads with hundreds of seeds per flower growing on the Breaking Ground green roof, and this translates to hundreds of thousands of seeds which provide economic and ecological opportunity to our communities. Seeds can be harvested and shared among community members to create our own community and home gardens. What a great opportunity to have the Breaking Ground green roof be a part of so many people’s lives.  It is so cool to think of plants, flowers and vegetables growing across our region all because of seeds we took right from our rooftop! It’s exponential! Check out Kevin talking about the seeds of change on the Breaking Ground green roof here.

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