@BGGreenRoof’s Amazing Sequestration. A Net Negative Carbon Roof.

One of the causes of increased CO2 in the Urban Core is the lack of plants. Plants take in CO2 (carbon dioxide) during the photosynthesis process, combine the CO2 with H2O (water) and produce O2 (oxygen) and C6H12O6 (sugar). The sugar is used by the plant to grow, sequestering the C (carbon) component in the biomass. This is why rain forests are so important. Rain forest plant sequester huge amounts of carbon within lush biomass. Most Urban Core areas lack plants and therefore have an excess amount of available CO2, CO2 that is responsible for smog, asthma, pollution and chronic breathing problems.

The Breaking Ground Green Roof is doing her part in controlling excess CO2 in the Urban Core by capturing CO2 and sequestering the carbon, C, and then pumping a significant amount of fresh oxygen, O2, back into the city atmosphere.

Comparing the amount of biomass growth (without additional fertilizers) from May 2011 to this week’s growth – the difference is amazing.


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