Green Roof, Obscure Bird Grasshopper, Schistocerca obscura

Schistocerca obscura, Obscure Bird Grasshopper, Breaking Ground Green Roof

Biodiversity is building on the Breaking Ground Green Roof.  We first saw the appearance of honeybees, followed by other pollinators including moths, wasps, flies and lady bugs.

Recently dragonfly have been spotted.  This morning an exceptionally strong flying grasshopper, the Obscure Bird Grasshopper, Schistocerca obscura, was feeding on the roof.

As biodiversity builds, larger and larger wildlife will begin to appear.  Yesterday I tried to capture a mockingbird as she dove in and through the rooftop vegetation however the photographs were blurry.

I suspect mockingbird knows Schistocerca obscura is now occupying the Green Roof.

Amazing how quickly biodiversity builds within a small patch of volumetric green in the Urban Core.

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