Rain! Rain! Now Let’s Collect It! Awesome St. Johns Riverkeeper Video!

Now that we have finally been getting some well-needed rain on the Breaking Ground green roof here in Jacksonville, FL, it’s a great time to mention that rainwater harvesting, or collecting rainwater overflow from our roofs, is a great thing to do for a number of reasons!

First, the additional stormwater that usually flows off of our properties into surrounding streams and water bodies stays on the property and  gets trapped in the barrel before it ever touches the ground. This not only keeps the water from flooding the surrounding areas, but also keeps the water from collecting all kinds of pollutants including oils, pesticides, fertilizers and yard waste as it makes its way off the property.

Secondly, the collected water can be slowly filtered back to the ground or used for watering potted plants and gardens.  In some cases, large water collectors, or cisterns, can be built on the property to pump the water into the building for use processes such as toilet flushing! After all, why should perfectly good, drinkable, filtered water (also known as potable water) be used in our toilets!

The St. Johns Riverkeeper has produced an amazing, step-by-step video showing even the most challenged handymen and women how to create and use a rain barrel right at home. Take a look…it might just inspire you!

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