A New Season: Seeds of Change on the Breaking Ground Green Roof

Look at all of those seeds in the seed head of this Zinnia flower! See them? A season of change is taking place, from a hot, humid summer climate to cooler, drier fall fall temperatures, and the seeds from the […]

@BGGreenRoof’s Amazing Sequestration. A Net Negative Carbon Roof.

One of the causes of increased CO2 in the Urban Core is the lack of plants. Plants take in CO2 (carbon dioxide) during the photosynthesis process, combine the CO2 with H2O (water) and produce O2 (oxygen) and C6H12O6 (sugar). The […]

Breaking Ground Green Roof and Social Media

We love the Breaking Ground Green Roof blog, and don’t forget… we have two other ways to see what’s happening on our roof. “Like” us on Facebook at our Breaking Ground Green Roof page and view all of our monthly […]

Next Generation Harvests Seeds from the Breaking Ground Green Roof!

Each little orange spike on the top of the cone flower is a seed! CLICK ON THIS PHOTO for a closer look! As part of our continued efforts to educate the young people of this planet about their connections to […]

Golden Orb (Banana Spider) Graces Breaking Ground Green Roof

Golden Silk Orb Weaver (Nephila clavipes) spider on BGGR The Breaking Ground green roof has so much life and activity, it’s hard to document it all! Our newest find is this beautiful Golden Silk Orb Weaver, Nephila clavipes, sometimes called a […]

Bees have a new home on the Breaking Ground Green Roof (and a Green Roof of their own too!)

Home for the Bees on the BGC Green Roof The Breaking Ground Green Roof now has a beehive with a green roof itself!  Honey bees visit the rooftop native wildflowers on a daily basis, searching for nectar and assisting in […]

Beautiful Midday Biodiversity on the Breaking Ground Green Roof!

Asclepias, Echinacea, Cosmos, Muhly & other species supporting Biodiversity The native plants were so beautiful on the Breaking Ground Contracting Green Roof today, stunning!  The bee were everywhere as well as other pollinators. Seeds are beginning to set and dry, […]

Coneflower seeds starting to set on the Florida Green Roof

Long hot summers send signals to flowers to begin dropping their petals and start drying out, readying their seeds for dispersal. The plants have provided nectar to attract the pollinators, who have in turn completed their task of spreading the […]

BGC Green Roof is a Summertime Native Seed Supply Source!

Green Roof Seed Heads – Gaillardia spp. There are so many native wildflower, food and flower seeds on the Breaking Ground Green Roof right now.  The long, hot summer days send cues to the plant’s biological processes, telling them it […]

Black Swallowtail Visits Breaking Ground Green Roof

(Beautiful Black Swallowtail pollenating the Breaking Ground green roof) The black swallowtail butterfly, Papilio polyxenesis, has joined the list of amazing critters that have come to pollinate the flowers, vegetables and fruits on the green roof at Breaking Ground Contracting […]