So Hot on the Roof Corn is Popping – Wildflowers & Food Crops Integrated

Temperatures may hit 110 F this weekend here in Jacksonville.

They are always hotter on the roof and the plants show stress in the afternoon.  Catherine says ‘the roof is so alive in the morning’.

Yet all in all the natives wildflowers and food crops are holding their own and then some.

Rooftop agriculture and native wildflowers are a second home to honey bees on the Breaking Ground Green Roof

Wildflowers and rooftop agriculture support each other in many ways.  Photographed here are a Florida native wildflower, Echinacea and then there is corn in the background.  Pollinators are drawn en masse by the native wildflowers.  Vegetables then receive the benefit of efficient pollination and in turn provide nitrogen back into the soil (the Fabaceae legumes) for the native wildflowers.

Wildflowers and food crops are excellent companion plants. Deep permaculture tradition.

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